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Hi. I'm Mollie.

I'm a creative renaissance woman and an herbalist getting to know a new ecosystem.

This website is a work in progress, reflecting the in-between space I am living in right now. My intention is that it serves as a digital home for >> 

:: My musings and poetry, in the form of this blog

:: Information & registration for my herbal medicine classes

:: The collaborative   h e i r l o o m   z i n e   I am co-creating

. . . and any other creative projects I do.

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I've been on an unexpected and painful journey of discovery in the past year, and had had to press "pause" on my business (in terms of accepting new clients or promoting myself in any way) as I got clearer about what it is I am being asked to learn, teach, participate in, and create in this wild and sacred life. 

I originally made this website when I was transitioning from having a full-time practice offering massage therapy, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle counselling and herbal medicine in Oakland, California (and was pretty burned out, truth be told), to being something like a health coach with an online business. But it turned out that wasn't really what I wanted either, after all! My partner and I moved to my Midwestern home town at the end of May, and I am letting the land, plants, and people here transform me. 

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Cheers to authenticity over consistency!


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