Hi. I'm Mollie. I've been on an unexpected and painful journey of discovery the past two years, and I had to press "pause" on my business for a while as I got clearer about what it is I am being asked to learn, teach, participate in, and create in this wild and sacred life. 

I originally made this website when I was transitioning from having a full-time practice offering massage therapy, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle counselling and herbal medicine in Oakland, California (and was pretty burned out, truth be told), to being something like a health coach with an online business. But it turned out that wasn't really what I wanted either! Having an online business felt lonely and weird, and I became increasingly disillusioned with the "Wellness Industry" and online coaching. My partner Cait and I moved to my Midwestern home town at the end of May 2017, and I am letting the land, plants, and people here transform me, as I work on my creative change-making projects, including a book I am slowly writing on Ayurveda in the West, and I have a part-time job to help pay the rent.

It sure is not sexy, but I am grateful anyway for these weird twists and turns of life which are polishing me like a river stone. Every year I feel more humble.

Iā€™m not sure where all this is going but I try to share the journey and the plant medicines as I go.

. . . . .