Healers' Business Mentorship.png

Are you a healing arts practitioner or transformational service provider who would like mentorship and coaching from another healer who has been where you are now? 


I see business as the earthly container that holds the deep healing work. I see it as sacred, beautiful, and also really fun. For healers, running a business is an incredible way to work with parts of ourselves that may be underdeveloped, and really step into our highest potential. 


I can support you in the following areas:


>> Organizing your time and space

>> Client care: Deepening the work you do and navigating relationships

>> Practice building

>> Clarifying your vision and strategy

>> Nuts + bolts business support (websites, newsletters, etc.)

>> Getting clear and organized with money

>> Help you connect with valuable resources and people



We can create a custom program just for you, based on what you need now. Sessions are virtual (phone, google hangouts, etc.) and last 50 minutes. 


If you feel this support would be beneficial for you, please email me at mollie@molliemoorhead.com and tell me your intentions + a little about yourself and your work. I'll get back to you as soon as I am able (usually within 48 hours) and if I feel I can support you, we can schedule a free phone consultation and then move from there.