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Wednesday October 4
1:00-2:00 pm CDT // 11:00-12:00 PDT


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Well, it took me FOREVER, but I finally created an intro class based on the work I do with folks in the Heal Your Belly, Love Your Body Program. This class is NOT a boring, extended sales pitch to work with me, by the way, but a dense and content-rich class to help you get started / level up / review what I find to be the most foundational pieces to help you:

>> Heal any gut problems you may have, including food sensitivities

>> Shift your relationship with food and your body so that these parts of your life begin to feel nourishing and joyful, instead of anxiety-producing and painful

In this class, I will not prescribe a rigid "eat this not that" structure or teach remedies for specific conditions, but instead help you transform how you think about food and about yourself, so you can feel WAY more joyful and relaxed. This foundational piece of self-care is missing or very under-developed in many people's lives, as a direct result of...well, a variety of factors, including our industrial food system which turns food into a commodity and separates us from the Earth, and the diet industry (and much of the wellness industry) which tells us we need to EatLookBe a certain way to deserve love or to get your needs met at all.

There are many people who are all too happy to sell you answers to questions for which there really are no answers. 

I aim instead to be someone who helps you find your own answers within. This class is about that. 


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of the
Heal Your Belly, Love Your Body
Free Intro Class

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