Our Indiegogo campaign for h e i r l o o m zine is LIVE! We are raising funds (by selling the zine for pre-order, at a discount) to pay all contributors for their work and cover the costs of printing the zine. You can check it out here. The campaign runs til October 3rd, and our intention is to raise $2,000.

We are super excited to be a few steps closer to having a finished zine you can hold in your hands.

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Check out the radio interview Raha and I did about heirloom (cultural wounding and healing from our various perspectives) with the fabulous Jaguar Mary on her radio show Woke AMP:

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This is an informational video on the heirloom zine project / conversation on cultural wounding - healing Raha and I recorded for you:

If you find this work meaningful, if it speaks to your heart, you can connect with us and be in this conversation via email (heirloomzineproject@gmail.com) and check out the Indiegogo campaign.