Our Indiegogo campaign for h e i r l o o m zine is completed! Thanks to our supportive communities, we raised $1,100 to pay contributors and fund our initial printing costs. We are waiting for the Indiegogo funds disbursement and are super excited to pay contributors soon and be a few steps closer to having a finished zine you can hold in your hands.

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Check out the radio interview Raha and I did about heirloom (cultural wounding and healing from our various perspectives) with the fabulous Jaguar Mary on her radio show Woke AMP:

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This is an informational video on the heirloom zine project / conversation on cultural wounding - healing Raha and I recorded for you:

If you find this work meaningful, if it speaks to your heart, you can connect with us and be in this conversation via email (heirloomzineproject@gmail.com) and check out the Indiegogo campaign.