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Starting this September, I am available to see in-person clients at Lincoln Yoga Center, a prominent yoga studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. For those of you in the area, this is a great opportunity for us to connect face to face and for you to get deeply customized support for your health.

Single sessions + packages are both available. AND, to kick it off, I am happily offering a generous special this fall. Check it all out. (I made postcards and everything!) >>

OR email me ( with your inquiries. I'm happy to chat first to see if working together would be a good fit!


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>> My booking page is separate from Lincoln Yoga Center's booking page. Hope that's not confusing for you as it sure makes my life simpler!

>> Tuesday afternoon/evening and Thursday morning/afternoon are my usual days at Lincoln Yoga Center. Please book ahead of time to reserve your spot. Sessions are by appointment only.  Please respect my time. I adhere to a strict 48-hr cancellation policy UNLESS we can easily reschedule you for later the same day or week. 

>> My normal rates are as follows: $160 :: Healthy Life Deep Dive (80 mins)  //  $120 :: 50-min Integration Support Session // Custom herbal formulas vary but usually run between $10 and $40. If you are a student, under/unemployed, etc., and really want to work together but need a lower rate to do so, talk to me. I make space in my practice for a few lower-fee spots. I'm also happy to support you in making your own herbal remedies if you desire!

>> I prefer cash, check, or PayPal and Venmo electronic payments, but I also accept all major credit cards. Payment is rendered in advance of or at time of service. 


Think this would be a good fit for a friend or loved one? Send them over here. Most of my business comes through word of mouth, so you spreading the word is always deeply appreciated.