When I had a healing arts practice in Oakland, we collected testimonials from clients. They were a tremendous group of folks for whom I feel deep love and gratitude. I just had to leave them up on the website, though I am not doing this exact work any more:


"Seeing Mollie was one of the best things I have done for myself. She gave really specific and practical examples that really helped me when I was learning how to resolve my health issues."  

- VERONICA MIRANDA, Oakland, CA * Acne/Skin Health

"Mollie's warmth, wisdom, and honesty helped me feel comfortable talking to her about ANYthing. Working with Mollie feels truly holistic, addressing health at every level from the spiritual to the mundane. Through her own gentle approach and attitude, I learned how to be more gentle with myself."

- ANDI, Oakland, CA

"My digestion was significantly improved. I had horrible pain with just about everything I would eat or drink. Mollie really helped me resolve a lot of those issues, and now I can eat ice cream again for the first time in more than ten years! I am very grateful for my experience with her."

- ALISA ELLIOTT, Oakland, CA * Digestion, Energy + General Wellbeing

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"Mollie is an amazing and grounded practitioner. I went to see her for a pretty basic thing - learning not to be scared of food again after two decades of wild weight fluctuations and disordered eating. I'm a bodyworker myself, and Mollie was recommended to me by another trusted massage therapist.

"Due to her holistic way of working, we ended up branching out into gastro-intestinal, reproductive, and emotional health and wellness. Change was so gradual that it wasn't till the end of our work together that I noticed: I'd forgotten to be hard on myself about food, hadn't weighed myself in months and felt no need to do so, and felt happier, healthier, and more authentic in my clothes and skin. 

"I appreciated that there was space for pushback if I wasn't into something (and also patience to revisit it if I circled back and realized I was curious after all). Mollie's method of working is slow and gentle but lasting."

- ADWOA G., Oakland, CA * Reproductive health, Relationship with Food + Body

"Mollie is an incredible healer. I have a much better understanding of what types of foods work with my body and I just have a healthier relationship with food, which is invaluable for me in enjoying life."

- ELIZABETH S., Berkeley, CA * Digestion + General Wellbeing

I've worked with Mollie for a couple of years. I really appreciate how she makes health and taking care of myself simple and even fun. She has a way of listening that brings out what's really going on for me. She helps me treat myself with the same warmth and acceptance that she holds for me. If you want help sorting through all the should's and have to's, to figure out what you and your body really want, work with Mollie.

- VELMA, Oakland, CA * Skin, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition

"I had a couple of outbreaks and my skin was really, really irritated. I was sort of desperate when I came to see Mollie! I remember being really skeptical that the treatment was going to do anything, because it's an issue I've had for years. But, I saw a huge improvement with my skin immediately. The skepticism didn't last long!" 

- CHARLENE C., Oakland, CA * Acne + General Wellbeing

"I was always received with full acceptance and true appreciation for exactly where I was.

Mollie's very good at what she does and will be there for you. She'll show you loving support and also gently remind you of what you said you wanted to get better at. Everybody needs a Mollie."

- RACHEL R., Oakland, CA * Digestion + Relationship with Food and Body

"I remember last year having to explain to my students and their parents that I have eczema and that is why my arms are so red and itchy. I remember being so embarrassed. BUT this year I don't have to do that!!! Thanks to you and your guidance!!!! My skin looks soft, hydrated and no itchy, red patches. I am forever grateful to you for being you, your kindness, patience, and compassion. You have literally changed my life!! I feel very blessed that my journey in this life led me to you."

- ALLI B., Oakland, CA * Eczema

"After seeing one Ayurveda practitioner, I was left feeling a little bit confused and discouraged, but I decided to give it another try with Mollie.  I am so incredibly happy and grateful that I decided to reconsider Ayurveda in my healing journey.  In only a matter of a few appointments, I have seen dramatic improvement in my digestive health, as well as my emotional health.  Mollie does an incredible job of gently communicating the inter-connectedness of all physical and mental systems.  Her approach is not drastic.  In fact she emphasizes the importance of not taking on too much at once, but rather giving our bodies and minds time to adjust to new habits.  That attitude and practice makes healing so much less intimidating and much more approachable.  I love that in only an hour, she can provide so much guidance for multiple aspects of life, including how to handle stress."  

– WHITNEY W., Fort Collins, CO * Digestion + Stress

"Mollie is amazing!  I was blessed enough to meet Mollie outside my old dance studio where she was giving consultations to the public.  I immediately felt cared for in her presence and that she saw into the deepest parts of me that needed healing.  For the past 3 months I’ve been seeing Mollie weekly.  Each week we meditate, check in on my health, and then Mollie uses Ayurveda to make suggestions on how to improve my well-being.   Through Mollie I have drastically improved my eating and sleeping schedule, and have found new clarity and balance in my life.   You will love working with Mollie.  She is a package of intelligence, truthfulness and nurturing all tied up with a bow of hilarious jokes.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

- JENNY S., Oakland, CA * Relationship with Food, Mood + Digestive Health

"Mollie’s energy and perspective on life are, in themselves, healing. Her practice is grounding and comforting on all levels, always encouraging her clients to define their needs and wants themselves. She is patient and generous with her time, which is so rare and precious."

- RAHA B., Brooklyn, New York * Stress + General Wellbeing

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"Mollie really listens, and hears any concerns I may have over the suggestions she makes. If there is a shred of judgment when I tell her about my less pristine examples of self-care/ aspects of diet, I haven’t noticed (and I can be pretty self-conscious). She really works together with her clients to create a treatment plan that feels nourishing and sustainable — not just in the results, but in the moments when you are pursuing them as well.

Mollie’s approach and the approach of her program is to create long lasting change by forming new habits. Though in the time since seeing her, I have altered from the program we established in some ways, I feel that my solid understanding of my dosha and the conditions most appropriate for it will serve me for the rest of my life. I am much more mindful when I eat, and understanding the importance of my behavior while I digest. Some habits are practically etched in stone — or it is very clear that if something feels off, I need to pick them back up. Thank you so much Mollie!"

- KASIA K., Santa Cruz, CA * Digestion + Life balance

"Mollie is awesome! We have been working together since January, and I have seen my health and mental/emotional/physical well-being come into balance as a result of her suggestions and guidance. Ayurveda is great because it's a gradual, foundation-based shift in how I choose to relate to my healht, and not just a quick fix or "band aid." Mollie is great at listening to what I have to share and reflecting back with changes that are appropriate and efective in allowing that gradual shift to flow through organically. She is grounded, nurturing and non-judgemental. Two big thumbs up!!!"

- MARSHA R., Oakland, CA * Emotional Wellbeing + Personal Growth