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An offering from a place of humbleness and service, born from my heart as I slowly emerge from this past year's fertile Underworld Descent

8 sessions available monthly

Available via phone or video conferencing, or in my home studio for LNK locals.



Why Herbal Medicine?

Edlerflower . Sambucus Nigra

Edlerflower . Sambucus Nigra

:: Herbs are powerful allies, not drugs, and with a some knowledge about how to work with them they are quite safe.

:: Sustainability: By using the abundant plants which grow where one lives, as the go-to remedy (when sleep, movement, or some other activity isn't enough), the carbon footprint is teeny-tiny compared to most other medicines. 

:: ALL OUR ANCESTORS used plants as a primary food-medicine, until only the last several generations ago (at most). Now we have a knowledge gap in the general population, but that gap can be filled if we choose.

:: The plants have things to teach us humans!

:: Working with abundant local plants for healing is empowering!

Why By-Donation?

Because I want to support people with herbal medicine  regardless of ability to pay. Because I'm sick of the puffed-up posturing of the professionalization of the healing arts. Because it is closer to my roots in every way, and because this way is much closer to how healing work was historically offered. I believe people will pay what they can, and I do not believe people will take advantage of this. This is actually what I always wanted to do but I was told it wouldn't work, and so I was afraid. Now I see other people radicalizing their healing practices so I know it can and does work, in many different forms. This is what I am starting with and maybe building out from here. For more on my "Why," check out my blog, where I am about to post a piece called "Where I am coming from / The pitfalls of upward mobility"

>> How much should I pay??? If you are a high-earning professional, or you have plenty of discretionary money for whatever reason, I invite you to pay the same as I charged everyone when I lived in the Bay Area - $150 / hour. If you have almost no discretionary money for any reason, and paying for the herbal medicine is actually a stretch for you right now, then please just pay for the medicine and accept the consultation as a gift. If you fall somewhere in between, please pay somewhere in between. I will never ask you to prove your income.


What to Expect in a Consultation

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You fill out the paperwork ahead of time to tell me about you and what you want support with and turn it in. Then we sit and talk, I ask questions and maybe make suggestions. After the session, I make you one or more herbal formulas or give you the recipe to make your own, your choice, as well as offer guidance in connecting with those plants as allies.

>> Herbal formulas cost anywhere between $10-$25 (unless it is a very large quantity) + shipping if applicable. The session itself is by-donation.

>> I can accommodate folks who do not take alcohol, by using teas and herbal vinegars.


What conditions I am experienced helping folks with

skin - eczema, acne, rashes, severe dry skin
digestion & elimination (all poop problems)
surgery - preparing for/recovering from
infections & "itchy butt"
anxiety & depression
postpartum care
sleep challenges
seasonal allergies
period problems (so many different period problems)
I have also helped some women with issues that came up during their menopause journeys



Some More Info . . .


My framework at this time is not clinical or 'scientific' in the usual sense, but instead in the realm of folk medicine (the medicine of the folks!) and in supporting people in cultivating their own ways of knowing and doing and being. I am not a doctor or a registered dietitian or a medical herbalist - and sometimes these people can help a lot! Go see them if you want to - but I am not those things. I am not an authority figure. I do not claim to work miracles or have all the answers. I am just a person who has cultivated specialized knowledge about plants and healing, with experiences of underworld-descents, who is learning to be a bioregional folk herbalist, which may take a lifetime. And I might be able to help you work your own miracles.


What I Don't Do Now

>> Ayurveda. (Not really.) Although I am technically a "Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist" (that is simply the title I was given when I graduated), Ayurveda or clinical medicine is not how I am focused now. I learned that my ayurveda education was not that great in many ways, and I do not want to disrespect the medicine by using the name inappropriately.

>> I will NOT help anyone with weight loss. I read Linda Bacon's fantastic book Health at Every Size last year, and it opened my eyes to how metabolism and fat actually work. It taught me a lot I did not know, and re-affirmed some of what I did intuitively know: That subcutaneous fat is not "bad" or unhealthy in any way, that there have always been fat people, that body size is largely genetic, that the medicalization of fat and fat people is not founded on good science (and is oppressive), and that in many cases especially for women, losing large amounts of fat and keeping it off forever is neither possible nor desirable, and that dieting in any way IS dangerous and harmful. I never wanted to contribute to diet culture or cause further harm to people with fatter bodies, and I never advertised that I helped with weight loss, and yet people came to me for that and I tried to help them with it because I thought if we did it a certain way, gently and informed by ayurveda, that it would be good. I see now the harm I have done and if you reading this are a past client who I tried to help with weight loss, I am so very sorry. If you are interested in reading Health at Every Size, reach out to me and I am happy to send you a copy. 

>> I will not do the work for you or coddle you as you self-harm. For instance, if you are overworked and burned out, and you KNOW already what you need to do (i.e., rest more, say "no" to some stuff, quit your job, whatever), please just do that thing and don't come to me. Your life is your responsibility. Consider this the permission slip you need to take care of you. It can be exhausting for me to be in this role with folks, and there is no reason for it - save your money and don't waste your time. 


What I AM Focused On Now


>> Bioregional Herbalism - growing and gathering with my own hands most of the  herbs in my apothecary, and supporting local and regional growers  (mostly Spiritus Vitae Botanicals) by purchasing herbs from them as well. 

>> Ethical Wildcrafting - living in reciprocity with the larger community of life. Working with abundant, and "invasive" weedy plants from land that is not sprayed with chemicals.

>> Making herbal medicine and my healing work accessible, not just financially but also relatable and doable and fun.

>> Meeting people where they are and not trying to "fix" anyone or take responsibility for anyone else's stuff

>> Supporting people on their own plant path - Wherever you are, it's perfect. 

>> Deconstructing and "Decolonizing" (I have thoughts on the word "decolonize" but I don't have a better word, yet) my healing work and my training.  Writing a book about it. And, learning to be a good human. 

>> Hanging out with plants and painting their portraits - You can see my art, for now, mostly on my Instagram feed (@willow_manzanita_linden) and sometimes other places.

Okay! That's it. If you seriously read this far, consider booking a session. Bye for now.