[large/1x]Cedar Incense Bundle


[large/1x]Cedar Incense Bundle


Cedar boughs harvested in love and reciprocity from my friend’s land outside of town, bundled together at home with forest-green, organic wool yarn.

Size large: approx 9”

>> How to Use Your Incense Bundle

Light a candle (or use a lighter) and burn the end of the cedar incense bundle to release its fragrant smoke as an offering to Spirit, to the directions, as part of your house-cleaning routine, after you poop to freshen the air, around a sick person’s bed, or when you come home from work.

Bundling the cedar helps it stay lit longer and the way I wrapped it, it is less messy and holds its shape well as long as you continue to wrap the free end of the yard as it burns down.

>> Why Cedar?

Cedar was planted as a windbreak here in Nebraska and has become a bit invasive. It takes over fields and pastures, partly because livestock will (obviously!) not eat it, and it has to be burned.

I became used to burning cedar bundles which came from the Pacific Northwest when I lived in California, and I love the scent of cedar smoke and use it as part of my daily practices.

>> What about Sage?

There has been a lot of awareness lately about the over-harvesting of white sage. When I first heard this, I was quite shocked because sage is very abundant in certain areas, and very easy to grow in a garden. I grow culinary sage every year with basically no effort. How could this plant be over-harvested?

Well, it’s because the demand is so high! So many hippies want their sage sticks, and people are going out into the desert and harvesting it beyond what is sustainable. This is sad and so preventable, and it is not a hopeless situation. Stop buying white sage sticks. Grow your own if you want, and explore other plants which offer aromatic smoke. There are so many!

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