Stinging Nettles Oxymel


Stinging Nettles Oxymel


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Ingredients: Stinging nettles, raw apple cider vinegar, and raw honey from Oakland, CA and Lincoln, NE.

2 oz. Take a few drops (up to a dropperful) on the tongue daily or as needed.

I harvested these stinging nettles in beautiful Mendocino County last year and immediately put them into some raw apple cider vinegar and honey. This huge stand of nettles was particularly zesty - very stingy and very healthy-looking.

This oxymel tastes and feels like sunshine. If you are curious about the details benefits of nettles, google it. Nettles are one of the most well-known medicinal herbs and they grow all over the world. I work with nettles primarily as a nourishing tonic in the spring and summer. Nettles are rich in many minerals, and vinegar is a much better solvent for extracting minerals than alcohol, making this a much more nourishing medicine than if it were a traditional alcohol tincture.

These four bottles are what is left of that batch which I made that day. It is in great shape, nothing about it seems to have degraded at all, but because it is from last year, I am offering it at a lower price.

>> On Oxymels

‘Oxymel’ means vinegar honey and is a classical medicine/daily health tonic (like, ancient Greece classical) in and of itself, without being infused with herbs. But many modern herbalists are using vinegar and honey as the menstruum (a nicer word for ‘solvent’) for a wide array of herbs which extract well into vinegar and honey. This makes a delicious, health-giving, golden liquid suitable for people who do not take alcohol or who feel vinegar and honey to be preferable for any reason.

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