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Hi. I'm Mollie.

It is my intention and my great love, as a holistic health coach + herbalist, to guide you to create the joyful and healthy life you crave. To heal your belly and love your body. To help you embody your own natural state of wellbeing using food, herbal medicine, and lifestyle practices. This supports you to step into your highest potential in all areas of your life. 

I believe food should be delicious. Food should taste and feel wonderful. More pleasure, not less! No deprivation, no starvation. True satisfaction.

I believe life should be delicious. That your days can be filled with more ease and joy. That your work and home life can nourish you deeply, and that your self-care can be fun. Less resistance. More flow.

Health and happiness go together like fresh bread and butter.

"My digestion was significantly improved. I had horrible pain with just about everything I would eat or drink. Mollie really helped me resolve a lot of those issues, and now I can eat ice cream again for the first time in more than ten years! I am very grateful for my experience with her."

- ALISA ELLIOTT, Oakland, CA * Digestion, Energy + General Wellbeing

Hi. I'm Mollie. (2).png