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The intention for this series of seasonal intensives is to facilitate deep connections between people and plants, and with the specific, local ecosystem in which we live >>


:: To begin looking towards the abundant (weedy!), local plants for our medicines first, instead of looking immediately toward plants and drugs which come from far away, may be heavily processed, and have a comparatively huge carbon footprint.

:: To connect with ancestral European plant allies (which now grow here) and their associated folk medicine traditions which stretch back endlessly into antiquity, as well as abundant, weedy plants which are indigenous to Turtle Island.

:: To engage in true science: Observation with the senses, and collaboration with the research subject. This will include time in the field with botanical and intuitive drawing, meditation, and dream work.

:: To get out of the “this-for-that” way of thinking in medicine, and instead get to know plants as the wild, idiosyncratic individuals they are.

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Many of the plants which are now considered “weeds” - and cursed loudly by farmers, gardeners, and people who have lawns - were intentionally brought across the ocean from Europe to Turtle Island, for use as medicine (1).jpg

Some other plants likely hitched a ride in one way or another. (Each one has its own story. Or a multiplicity of stories, really.) And, some so-called weeds are indigenous to this continent, but have migrated and spread.

I am fascinated by these weedy migrant plants which have escaped cultivation and altered our landscape so significantly, and though cursed by many people now, are still potent medicine for body and spirit when one can find them unsprayed. My desire is to facilitate meaningful connection between these plants and the people that share an ecosystem with them!

This course is born from my own self-work of healing from whiteness, assimilation and cultural loss, my prayer for cultural healing and rectification, and sewing the seeds of a future where humans are once again deeply embedded in the ecosystem in a reciprocal, positive way. This course is open to everyone, but it may be of particular resonance to people of European ancestry who are drawn to learning their own history and folk medicine. 


In these intensives, participants will get to >> 

:: Know some of the wild, abundant, medicinal plants which grow in southeastern Nebraska, from a perspective of history, folklore and folk use, as well as understanding their medicinal properties and how to work with them safely and effectively.

:: Know these same plants in a personal way through direct observation and exploration in the field and the kitchen, botanical and creative drawing, meditation and dream work. 

:: Create deep relationships of reciprocity and respect with plant allies.

:: Make and take home an array of herbal medicines.

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Schedule & Pricing for 2018 >>


SPRING :: Leaves :: May 5 - 6

SUMMER :: Flowers & Fruit ::  August 18 - 19

FALL :: Roots :: October 6 - 7

>> Each intensive is held from 10:00 - 4:00 on Saturday and 11:00 - 1:30 on Sunday. The first half of the day will be spent in lecture and discussion at a private home in central Lincoln (address given upon registration), then we will have lunch (bring your own), and the second half of class will be spent in the field.  The following day will be spent in medicine-making back at the house. Participants will get to make and take home a variety of plant medicines. 

>> Though these intensives will inevitably built upon each other somewhat, as participants settle into a rhythm and deepen in their shared knowledge and experience, each of these intensives is offered as a stand-alone. You do not need to participate in all of them to participate in one. 

Dates are *possibly* subject to change based on weather conditions as well as people's availability. 


COST :: $100 for each weekend session, including all materials cost. When you register, you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions for electronic payment or where to send a check. Your registration is finalized with payment.


For each session up to two low-fee seats are available, based on need. Simply email me (mollie@molliemoorhead.com) if you desire to attend but cannot pay the full cost.  A portion of all proceeds from these classes will be donated to Earth stewardship and indigenous rights organizations. 


To register for any or all sessions......

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