How we do one thing...

I had a different blog post created and scheduled for today. We put it together before the recent tragedy in Virginia, and now it feels irrelevant. 

Yes let's still focus on self-care, on good food and meals with loved ones, on gardening, on meditation (we need all that good stuff more than ever), but...we've clearly got some other work to do. 

A few days ago, a friend of mine shared an article called "White Supremacy Culture" by Tema Okun from I read it immediately, and haven't stopped thinking about it ever since. The author identifies, explains, and offers antidotes to certain characteristics which she sees as creating "white supremacy culture" - and they are not what you might think. They are things like "perfectionism", "defensiveness" and "only one right way." 

As I read and reflected on this, I felt how clearly these different characteristics showed up in my education at all levels, many jobs I have had, and inside myself just as much. Indeed, I've spent the past five years since starting my own business, observing, unraveling and healing my own tendencies for overwork, perfectionism, and all the rest. 

Because how we do one thing is how we do most other things in our lives, it feels really important to introspect and spend time feeling into and healing these insidious, subtle and not so subtle ways that we support the top-down power structure that is in place in our society that allows genocide and racism (and all the other -isms) to exist at all. 

My advice: Please do any activism you do, or are wanting to start doing, and do this inner work at the same time. 

You can read the article here: 

White Supremacy Culture
by Tema Okun


And please consider taking time to:

1.) Reflect how this plays out in your own life and in your own tendencies
2.) Share the article and share your stories
3.) Tell me your thoughts also. Let this be a conversation.

Aaaaand one more thing: I don't really agree with the name "white supremacy culture" because these characteristics show up in cultures and societies which are not white (I mean....been to Asia much?) I would be more apt to call it "Toxic Masculinity Culture", but the article itself is pretty brilliant. 

Alright. Blessings to you and the sacred work you are doing now.

All Love,